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One day I ran across this picture on the web at BROTHERS OF THE THIRD WHEEL TRIKE SITE about "Big BOB" Roberts on his blown 350 Chevy Powered Trike.

Well, to make a long story short, I decided I need to build a V8 Trike.
So begins the Chronicles (saga? moneypit?) of my V8 Trike construction.

So, where to start. Ebay of course, buy one burnt up 96 Corvette and have it delivered for a small fee. Next, explain to the wife that "no, your not rebuilding a Corvette, your building a Trike!"
Humm, that didn't over well!

Oh well. Sigh, now come the fun part, removing the burnt fiberglass.

Well, that takes a few months to get it to bare frame. Now a sawzal makes short work of the frame.

Next, figure out how Bob built his, dunno. Enter one mechanical dude called Ivan. He said get a V drive.
Back to the Internet, yep them are Vdrives, find one Casale Vdrive on Ebay.

Casale In/Out Vdrive Drawing

Oh, and what about the engine in the Vette and what engine are you planning on using. It's a V8 trike and the Corvette has a LT1, so.....

Darn that looks bad.

However, all ends well after a trip to Bishop Machine Shop.

Cannot remember who sells this pulley set but definitely on the agenda, I need left low sump pump, left high alternator, right low A/C compressor, and right high power steering pump. Yes, you read correctly -- A/C Compressor. It is hot in Texas!

Alibre 3D CAD Drawing. Version 3

Mockup of the motor-tranny-Goldwing Frame.
Click on Pictures for 800 x 600 view:

Well, that was close but the trannie hits the upper frame rails. Oh, and the drawing was missing the engine cross mount. Don't think the Vette cross member would have survived. The new cross member -- a 7" wide U channel made from 3/8 mild steel -- see if I break that!

Back to drawing board. After a few changes, we mock it up and......

Here is the frame after the Justin Robinson, a professional certified welder, made a house call and melted some metal. Unlike my attempts, the frame is square and very nicely welded. A good welder is worth their weight in gold -- but don't tell him -- he might raise his rates and I am not done!!!!!

The support for the roll bar.

Still need the side braces and engine mount connectors to be welded.

What are you waiting for, let's jet.

Update 2012:
Well life catches up to you and projects go by the wayside or in this case the north 40. Sadly this is where it rest after I could not figure out how to mount the tranny, vdrive and don't know who to ask. Then I moved and don't have a garage either. Whine, whine:-). The Goldwing frame is just clamped temporarily to the frame so that it can roll around.

Humm, wonder if I can just connect the trannie yoke to the C4 dif yoke and use a short U Channel to bolt them together. Hell with the Vdrive crap.

I'm SO bored!

Trike Drawing and Big Bob picture used by permission of Jim Sickler, BROTHERS OF THE THIRD WHEEL, Inc.
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